The author started writing as a sophomore in high school. Instead of novels however, he started writing poetry. Being an average looking guy, he couldn’t compete with the macho jocks on the sports teams. He was elected president of the bowling team but that was like being president of the chess club. It did not make much of an impression with the girls. Surprisingly, his poetry was quite good. Nobody, and we repeat, nobody, wrote poetry to girls back then. Through curiosity, rather than his stunning good looks, he was able to date some of the more popular girls. His poetry however, quickly became more part of him than a gimmick to get dates. When asked if he was born a romantic or not, he replies simply, “Yeah, yeah I probably was.”

He claims that romance is what makes the heart sing. Nothing can be more fulfilling than to be in love. And nothing can be more devastating than to be rejected. These are feelings that probably go as deep as our DNA. For centuries people have tried to define the word love. There are probably as many definitions as leaves on a tree. Sometimes it is only as permanent as a cloud. Then sometimes as solid as a bar of steel. But it all comes down to those indescribable deep feelings that affect our very soul. That unknown mystery that makes life so fulfilling. And it is with these deep feelings the author started to write his first novel.

It took him years to complete his first novel, That Funny Empty Feeling, which was released in 2008. With the overwhelming approval of his readers, he started on his second novel, 39 Letters. This was released in 2013. He plans to get his third novel published in 2015. That one will be titled Wolf and Honey.

When asked about being a male, and a romance writer, he chuckles and replies. “Oh they classify them as romance novels, but they are much more than that. I don’t write mushy stuff. The publisher claims that the major category has to be romance, but I get more into mystery and adventure.” When asked about his opinion on writing novels this was his response. “I am a veracious reader myself. What I read in other novels that I don’t like, I make sure not to put into my novels. Such as, extremely long descriptive paragraphs. I prefer to provide plenty of information to set the scene, and let the readers’ imagination take over. And last but not least, I never leave a reader disappointed with my endings. I would never end a book without having the reader feel like they have been fulfilled”