A new novel coming in 2015 by Matt Joswick

Even with the manuscript still in progress… it’s going to be another great book.  

This is what is known so far about Matt Joswick’s upcoming romance thriller . . .

Prepare to take a journey through a whole gamut of emotions. Emotions that will deeply captivate you as you read this sensitive story. Love, hate, compassion, sympathy, brutality, understanding, confusion and then … final determination. This is not a novel you will just read, this is a novel you will experience.

Gloria Peech is a feminist, a big time women's rights advocate. She does not believe in a glass ceiling for women. She is a very successful CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation which she rules with an iron hand. The last thing in the world you ever want to do is to refer to her in any of those demeaning feminine slang terms. Despite being a smart and extremely successful businesswoman, she still feels she is looked down upon strictly because she is a woman. It’s her opinion that the masculine world does not think beauty and brains go together.

Then along comes private detective Wolf Howell. A baby-faced, but no mistake about it, all male tough guy. She hires him to investigate her husband to see if he is cheating on her. He’s caught red handed and it's a bitter divorce. This all adds to her resentment towards men. Because of the hatred her husband feels towards her, he takes out a contract with the underworld to have her killed. Now she's stuck with this chauvinist detective to protect her. Then things get worse. Both of them are marked for assassination by the gangsters. They run, but cannot seem to find anywhere to hide. An unlikely pair, stuck together for their own survival.

They end up hiding in a place unfit for a woman who has a tolerance somewhere between zero and none, when it comes to dealing with the raw and unpredictable ways of nature. But she surprises everyone, including herself, as she transforms from city girl to nature girl. Can they escape the mobsters who are hunting them? Death is always just around the corner. Then tragedy strikes a heartless blow. It appears that one of them, is about to die!